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First aid toolkit for all your questions

Your friends are coming over and you want to make the best I sea pasta dish ever. But what do you make? Or you are cooking the pasta, but wondering how you can get it more tender. Who knows, maybe you are wondering about the nutritional values, or have a question about your order.

We are here! Send us a text via WhatsApp. And we will not stop before we are sure you are happy.

Want tips for the best dish? Text us: +31 6 13 33 64 07

How does it work?

We will help you with all the questions you have. Send us a text, wait for it and you will have an answer before you know it! And if you feel like sharing, we’d love to receive your best Seamorefood creations!

Text us: +31 6 13 33 64 07

What if I don’t use WhatsApp?

You can always check the FAQ page for the best tips & tricks, or send us an email. Looking for inspiration? Don’t forget our Facebook and Instagram page, and take a look at this page for all the creations of our fans!