I sea pasta (Organic)


I sea pasta. 100 grams dried seaweed plus water will give you about 500 grams of sea veggies. This package holds enough seaweed for five servings.

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I sea pasta! The 100% natural wild-harvested, handpicked and organic seaweed tagliatelle pasta fresh from the coast of Ireland. I sea pasta is a whole food; gluten free, vegan, organic, low carb, sustainable and delicious! Don’t forget about the high fiber, unsaturated fats (2 grams!) and contains around 0,2 grams of omega 3 per pack.


Get the daily intake of nutrients from the superfood I sea pasta, it’s good for you and for the planet! It is a fresh sea vegetable ready to be used as pasta, veggies or creatively anything in between. Cook with any kind of sauces, you will be amazed by the taste! Need some more inspiration? See our recipe here!


Note: Per pack you get 100 grams of dried seaweed, soak it in water will give you about 500 grams of sea veggies.


Want to know more about the health benefits and nutritional values of our seaweed pasta? See our health matrix here!


Cooking guide I sea pasta:

Did you know how to cook I sea pasta? If you don’t, please see the video below to prepare the perfect one! Go try it yourself and be amazed! More videos here!



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Additional Information

747 KJ/178.3 kcal


2.7 g

of which saturated

0.7 g


28.5 g

of which sugars

0 g


30.5 g


10 g


5.9 g


5.9 g


700 mg

Vitamin C

66 mg


14.6 mg


2.5 mg