Nutrition facts

You’ll here find detailed nutrition information. Look up the amount of calories, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and more contained in our products. This is an up-to-date and comprehensive source for nutrients amounts in food.

I sea pasta with net. content - 100g 4 servings
  • I sea pasta

  •  Energy 747 kJ / 178,3 kcal
     Fat 2,7g
     Of which saturates 0,7g
     Carbohydrates 28,5g
     Of which sugar 0g
     Fibers 30,5g
     Protein 10,0g
     Potassium 5,9g
    Vitamin C66mg

I sea bacon with net. content - 75g 10 servings
  • I sea bacon

  •  Energy951 kJ / 229 kcal
     Of which saturates0,3g
     Of which sugar 0,0g
    Vitamin B120,6mg
     Potassium 5,9g
    Vitamin C66mg

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