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Seamore might just be Europe’s hottest (or coolest) food startup. Our small company has managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed as an everyday food. Replacing pasta and bacon! After proving the point that it could be done we’re now ready to get the whole world to taste and embrace the future of tasty, healthy & sustainable food. And that requires seriously skilled, outrageously talented, menacingly motivated, humungously hungry and exceptionally experienced Sales Power. The kind of person that can get people standing in line for hours to lay their hands on our products ; ) If this triggers your interest, read on!

The role

The mission

Seamore is a 2-year old food startup based in Amsterdam that is leading a revolution: to turn seaweed into an everyday food. This revolution was kickstarted with ‘I sea pasta’ and ‘I sea bacon’. The company has established a base in 6 countries with 650 points of sale, has attracted wordwide attention and is ready to seriously scale up. Seamore aims to become the leading consumer brand in the seaweed category by expanding distribution across (Northern) Europe and the US, adding new products and driving adoption by consumers. The International Commercial Director is the key commercial person to drive and realize this ambition. Seamore is backed by a bank and investors and is in the middle of a new financing round. The current core team is 5 people supported by 5 international interns with full employee responsibilities. With the new financing round the team will expand.
Next Organic Start-up Award
Packaging Awards
Winner Ketchum European FOODLAB
Superior Taste Award 2016

  • Brought an innovative food or drink brand to European/international specialized retail and beyond (mainstream retail)
  • Built a new category/market as pioneer, first-mover
  • Designed and rolled out an international market entry and distribution strategy
  • Selected and managed international distributors, agents and/or local sales people
  • Designed and executed a sales growth plan
  • Created and executed a B-B marketing strategy, internationally
  • Affinity and experience with B-C marketing/events, working with PR/marketing specialists
  • Identified, landed and managed key retail accounts (larger chains of specialized retailers)
  • The ability to bridge the move towards mainstream retail chains (Seamore is selling in a few)
  • Experience with online retailers such as Amazon, national specialized online players
  • Experience with price positioning, portfolio management, in-store promotions and retail marketing programs, activations
  • A network in the world of food, created opportunities for collaborations (other brands etc.)
  • Been a spokesperson, presenter on events
  • Created, managed business development efforts
  • Been a leading member of the management team that helped build a company

  • An inspirational relationship builder and coach
  • A charismatic person that creates followers (not buyers) & partners
  • Hands-on, make it happen, gutsy, dive in, streetwise
  • Systemic, structured, follows a plan
  • Optimistic, unstoppable & stress-resistant
  • Realistic, knows when to quit a path, pivot and try again
  • Eager to always learn, ask help when stuck and leverage external resources
  • A lover of food, cooking, will eat seaweed from breakfast to midnight snack

Start a revolution

  • An opportunity to create a revolution and write history
  • Fair compensation for the value you bring
  • Unlimited space to grow, learn, create
  • An opportunity to share in the success of the company
  • A cool Amsterdam office with a highly motivated team of seaweirdos
  • As much seaweed as you like!


On Monday you’re meeting the marketing team of a chain of organic supermarkets in Germany that we’re launching our products in. First challenge: how to surround their customers through tastings, social media, instore communication, the magazine, recipes. Second challenge: minimize our cash investment, maximize the supermarket’s media. The last hours you join Seamore’s Tasting Team a large consumer food event in Berlin and get them to crush their sales targets


On Tuesday you crunch numbers, monitor the health of the master sales plan. You look at the point of sale funnel, sales/rotation across stores, the performance of activations against targets. You call a few store owners to get an insider’s view on the rotation challenges and chat with our Customer Happiness manager to see how people’s first product experience van be optimized. After prioritizing sales actions you call your seasoned coach to get unstuck on a few things.


Wednesday is dedicated to distributors and partners day. Top priority: find a kickass distributor in Germany. You chat with two German food companies about their experiences and plan 3 meetings with the top candidates. In the bi-weekly skypes with the Danish and UK distributor you monitor progress and prioritize actions to be taken in these countries. You last thought of the day: how do I make the distributor model more scalable?


The next day you have a breakfast skype with one of Seamore’s Advisory Board members and Seamore’s CEO. Topic: should we introduce ready-made meals to mainstream supermarkets to reach a new group of consumers and bridge the gap to our do-it-yourself products? Driving towards a B-B event you interview two sales interns and a candidate for a business development person. At the event you get 5 minutes on the main stage to present Seamore’s vision and talk to a demo-company about outsourcing our tastings to them.

Friday  starts with the daily team huddle. The victory you share is that after one week of pushing, 35% of existing points of sale are willing to list our soon-to-be launched new I sea wraps. The rest of the day is focused on a big challenge: rotation of 2 products are falling behind. A brainstorm identifies key data that we need and kickstarts two mini projects. The day ends with a tasting organised by the R&D team for a new product. An accompanying seaweed pilsner (not our product) gets the weekend started ; )

Note: Seamore cannot be held liable if real life experiences deviate from the picture painted above.

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