Seamore seeks

Operations Guru!

An operational hero who can make Seamore’s life structured!

(20-24 p/w)


Wanted: Operations Guru

Seamore might just be Europe’s hottest (or coolest) food startup. Our small company has managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed. As pasta! Our second product  – I sea bacon – is a 100% wild organic seaweed that turns into (green) bacon when you fry it. And there will be many more products! To get people to that point and become the talk of the town we must be telling a story* that captures the imagination. To keep this up and conquer the rest of the world we’re looking for the best operations guru!


*it could also be that I sea pasta is simply fantastic food.

The role

Does organizing make your heart beat faster? We are looking for an operational hero who can make Seamore’s life structured!


Seamore is growing and so is the complexity of our operations. There are a lot of workflows we need to improve and make efficient. Think about all the order processes, administrative tasks but also the organization of events. With this you work directly on our philosophy to not only have a good product, but also a good service. Are you the operations guru we need?

  • Organizing operational stuff makes you happy
  • Eager to improve processes, create efficiency and increase the service level
  • Understanding and experience with excel & exact software
  • Experience with executing and optimizing administrative procedures
  • Accurate and independent, feeling comfortably uncomfortable in a fast pacing start-up environment
  • Very good in Dutch and English, bonus for other languages
  • You love food and cooking…

  • A place where you can be the operational expert and have the possibility to develop your own role.
  • More than the administrative executive. We expect you to improve processes, organize events and who know what else!
  • Working along our core values: “eat yourself happy, act bravely, drive transformation, go from good to great and get unstuck”.
  • A fast pacing start-up environment where every day will be different
  • A cool Amsterdam office with a small and highly motivated team of seaweirdo’s
  • Flexible hours (20-24 p/w) with the possibility to expand to fulltime
  • Hands-on experience that will make your CV a job-magnet


Monday* – You will start your day by processing all the webshop orders from yesterday. Together with the team you will work on improving the process on the webshop orders. Maybe a visit to our local logistic partner this afternoon to see how things are going?


Tuesday – Yeah! Another order from Albert Heijn! You check if everything goes well and if they are receiving the order on time. In the meantime you connect to our UK partner to see what his stock levels are and you meet with our logistic partner to work through some order issues. You continue with setting up the CRM system.


Thursday – As everyday – starts with the team huddle. In 10 minutes everyone shares a daily victory, a key activity of the day and possible hurdles. The rest of the day you are busy preparing this weeks event. Is there enough stock, do we have plenty of prepared pasta? Maybe you need to fry some bacon before you pick up the truck for the fair.

* The days mentioned above are just examples, we are not looking for a fixed schedule on Monday – Tuesday – Thursday

You think you have what it takes to be part of Seamore and be our operational guru? I am happy to help you with any questions and hear your story. Send your details to

Questions? Text us: +31 6 13 33 64 07