Seamore seeks

Visual communicator intern

Fulltime internship


Wanted: Visual communicator intern

Seamore might just be Europe’s hottest (or coolest) food startup. Our small company has managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed. As pasta! Our second product  – I sea bacon – is a 100% wild organic seaweed that turns into (green) bacon when you fry it. And there will be many more products! To get people to that point and become the talk of the town we must be telling a story* that captures the imagination. To keep this up and conquer the rest of the world we’re looking for the best communication intern.


*it could also be that I sea pasta is simply fantastic food.

The role

From your first day, you are involved on different projects. You will support creating content for new points of sale, banners, flyers, and other materials.


One of your jobs will be to use your creativity around the website, e-mail campaigns, social design. You support different projects and translate their needs into communication materials. The fast changing company asks your flexibility, driven mentality where you can learn all you want!

  • Understanding of and experience with creating offline and online communication materials
  • You know how to work with Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress. Video editing is a pre
  • A self starter and independent worker who knows when to ask questions, driven and able to work in a fast changing environment
  • Very good in Dutch and English, bonus for other languages
  • Love for food, design and communication

  • Working along our core values: “eat yourself happy, act bravely, drive transformation, go from good to great and get unstuck”
  • A place where you can help create all the communication content
  • A fast pacing work environment where every day will be different
  • A cool Amsterdam office with a small and highly motivated team of seaweirdo’s
  • Months of hands-on experience that will make your CV a job-magnet


Monday – You will start your week together with Lars, our communication expert. Together you are setting the priorities on all the content that has to be made this week. In the afternoon you will work on shooting the next cooking video and you immediately have good ideas how to share more content to our fans.


Tuesday – You have a meeting with the sales team about selling in a new chain of stores. We want to do something extra, and it is up to you to get to the bottom of what the needs are and translate this into a concept with ideas. Are you coming up with a banner, flyer, or something totally new?


Wednesday – Today we have the weekly meeting with the whole team. You give updates around all the projects you are working on and you help yourself and the rest to get unstuck.


Thursday – Today we are at a fair, where you will help building up and share the story of Seamore to all the potential fans out there. How many packs will you sell today? In the afternoon you finish the cooking video and place it on the homepage for everyone to see it.

Friday – As everyday – starts with the team huddle. In 10 minutes everyone shares a daily victory, a key activity of the day and possible hurdles. As the day continues you finish up the last bits of the flyer that needs to be send out to the UK for tastings in Wholefoods next week.

Note: Seamore cannot be held liable if real life experiences deviate from the picture painted above.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of Seamore and be our visual communicator intern? Are you available for a fulltime internship, live in or near Amsterdam (or willing to move) and available for at least 4 months? Tell us your story!

Send your details to [email protected].