Seamore seeks

Wanted: Junior Sales Manager


Wanted: Junior Sales Manager

Seamore might just be Europe’s hottest (or coolest) food startup. Our small company has managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed as an everyday food. After proving the point that it could be done we’re now ready to get the whole world to taste and embrace the future of tasty, healthy & sustainable food. And that requires seriously skilled, outrageously talented, menacingly motivated, humongously hungry Sales Power

The role

Seamore is a 4-year-old food company based in Amsterdam. Since 2015 it is leading a revolution: to turn seaweed into an everyday food as part of a global shift towards plant-based eating. After rocking the international food scene with its now iconic pure (100% seaweed) products, I sea pasta and I sea bacon, the company is now making seaweed even more easy with new hybrid (35-50% seaweed) products: the world’s 1st seaweed wrap, seaweed bread and many other exciting products being tested and tasted as you read this.


And when R&D gives you marvellous products, there is only one thing left to do: get them onto the shelves and the menus across all Europe! 


As our Junior Sales Manager, you will be vital to drive and realise this ambition. You will assist Seamore’s sales team along the entire sales process taking place in both the retail and the food service channel. You will conduct market research, generate new leads, keep the pipeline full, finetune the perfect product pitch, gather insights from store managers, restaurant owners, chefs, create best practices, develop and monitor KPIs, ensure the sales team is on track with the sales goals, do any necessary administrative work including filing reports and forms, identify bottlenecks and suggest sales process improvements.

  • 8: countries
  • 1500: point of sales
  • 100: restaurant locations
  • 000.000: portions of seaweed brought onto people’s plates
  • 5: seaweirdos at the office
  • 4: nationalities in the team
  • 12: awards for taste, innovation and sustainability
  • Minimum 2 years of sales experience
  • Demonstrated success in selling an innovation
  • Preferred experience in retail and food service channels
  • Identified, landed, managed key accounts 
  • Created, managed business development efforts
  • Experience with price positioning and portfolio management
  • A network in the world of food, created opportunities for collaborations
  • Hands-on, make it happen, gutsy, dive in, streetwise
  • Systemic, structured, follows a plan
  • Optimistic, unstoppable & stress-resistant
  • Realistic, knows when to quit a path, pivot and try again
  • Eager to always learn, ask help when stuck and leverage external resources
  • A lover of food, cooking, will eat seaweed from breakfast to midnight snack
  • Very good understanding of English, bonus for other languages
  • An opportunity to create a revolution and write history
  • Fair compensation for the value you bring
  • Unlimited space to grow, learn, create
  • An opportunity to share in the success of the company
  • A cool Amsterdam office with a highly motivated team of seaweirdos
  • As much seaweed as you like!

Is this you? Connect with Angela [email protected]