I sea pasta and I sea bacon are completely free of sugars. Most of the carbohydrates in I sea pasta are polysaccharides. I sea bacon contains more carbohydrates that I sea pasta, but the carbohydrates in I sea bacon are mainly carrageenans, agar and xylans.


Information about sugars

The main sugar in our nutrition is glucose, which is not good for your health when you consume it in high portions. High glucose peaks in the blood lead to very high amounts of insulin released to get this glucose level down again (which is called a high glycemic index). However, if you expose your body to high glucose peaks very often, the cells producing insulin can stop functioning or the cells that have to take up glucose malfunction. Luckily, I sea pasta and I sea bacon contain no sugars at all!


However, to make sure your brain gets fuel, you do need some sugars in your nutrition. Besides plain sugar molecules (=monosaccharides), other forms of sugars are dissacharides, which are two sugar molecules bound together. These have a lower glycemic index, as it takes your body longer to break them down.

I sea pasta
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Health benefits

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