Iodine is a very important mineral for our body, because it stimulates hormones that are needed for normal growth, our nerve system and normal metabolism. These days, iodine is only added to bakery bread. It contains 25 µg per slice of bread. Therefore, for people with a low carb or a gluten free diet, obtaining enough iodine is hard. We sea the perfect solution here, because seaweed is a natural source of iodine! Only 1 portion of I sea pasta is more than enough to get your daily recommended amount of iodine (150 µg).


That is, 1 portion contains over 525 µg of iodine after soaking and cooking, and the maximum daily amount is set at 600mg. So this will cause no harm at all!


If you eat gluten free or low carb, you risk having a shortage of iodine. Then I sea pasta can help you reach your daily iodine requirements!

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