I sea pasta

I sea bacon

We all know that it’s recommended to eat 250 grams of vegetables on a daily basis. But how hard is it to really eat this big amount? More than 50% of all European households eats too little. To get more variability on your plate while eating enough veggies, I sea pasta and I sea bacon are perfect!


Replace carbs for veggies

Without noticing you are eating vegetables, I sea pasta can get you your daily recommended amount of vitamin C, and half of your daily number of veggies (1 portion is >125gram cooked veggies)! So, while having the idea of eating pasta, you are actually eating veggies!


Replace meat and fish with veggies

While you feel like eating bacon, you are actually replacing meat for veggies. A perfect variation for in a vegan / vegetarian diet or for in a paleo diet!


Not only a healthy meat replacer, but also a sustainable one!

Eating meat and fish is not sustainable. Competition for land, water and energy is growing, as well as the overexploitation of fisheries. Moreover, the impact of the food system on the environment has to be reduced urgently, because else we will not be able to feed the world population anymore very soon. Therefore, we need nutrition with a low environmental impact. I sea bacon fits in there perfectly. It’s a sustainable meat replacer with a very low environmental footprint, as it grows in the sea and doesn’t need to be processed.

I sea pasta
I sea bacon
Health benefits

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