I sea pasta

I sea bacon

Supplements help us to get our daily number of essential vitamins and minerals. However, always taking supplements can be annoying, as you have to think about it every day. You will also need a lot of different supplements for different minerals. And it is also better to get minerals and vitamins out of natural sources. Seaweed contains a lot of essential daily minerals and vitamins, which can complement these supplements. So even if you don’t take supplements normally, seaweed can help you to reach your daily targets better. This can make you feel more energetic.


Just one source of all minerals and vitamins

Normally, to get all your daily needed minerals and vitamins, you would have to consume many different supplements. Almost no one does this, as most people assume that they get the right vitamins and minerals out of their nutrition. Therefore, seaweed can help to reach many of these essentials without having to take many different supplements.


Seaweed is a natural source

By eating I sea pasta and I sea bacon, you can get a part of your daily amount of many different vitamins and minerals.


Seaweed is not a declined source

Contrary to many other foods, seaweed experiences no decline in nutritional values. Information about the content of other foods is not always correct, as a lot of nutrients get lost during the breeding process. However, seaweed grows naturally and is enriched with many micronutrients that have really proven to be in there!

I sea pasta
I sea bacon
Health benefits

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