I sea pasta

I sea bacon

Are you following a paleo diet, and getting tired of always eating vegetables? I sea pasta and I sea bacon are a perfect way to eat veggies while having the feeling of eating pasta or bacon! Moreover, a paleo diet can miss essential nutrients by not eating grain and milk products, like fibres and minerals like iodine (obtained from bread) and calcium. Seaweed does have these fibres and minerals!



I sea pasta contains a lot of fibres (30,5% of its content!), which are carbs that your body cannot break down, and which therefore do not give you any calories. Fibres stimulate your intestines and help your stool by attracting water. Because water is attracted, and because fibres stimulate satiety hormones, I sea bacon will fill you up. So, if you are trying to lose weight by cutting on your calories, eat seaweed to fill yourself up with only a few calories!


Some of the fibres in seaweed are considered a prebiotic. Prebiotics are fibres that stimulate good bacteria in the intestines when they are fermented. Those good bacteria are very important for your stool, for getting energy out of nutrients and for the improvement of the immune system.


To solve the iodine shortage, we have a lot of iodine

Iodine is a very important mineral for our body, because it stimulates hormones that are needed for normal growth, our nerve system and normal metabolism. These days, iodine is only added to bakery bread (25 µg per slice of bread, because bakery salt contains iodine). Therefore, for people on a paleo diet, obtaining enough iodine is hard. Seaweed is the perfect solution here, as it is a natural source of iodine. Only 1 portion of I sea pasta is already enough to get your daily recommended amount of iodine (150 µg)!



I sea pasta and I sea bacon are natural sources of calcium. Calcium is important for bone growth and maintenance. Especially elderly and people with osteoporosis need calcium very hard. I sea pasta is high in calcium: 1 portion contains almost 1/4th of your daily recommended allowance!

I sea pasta
I sea bacon
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