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Low carbohydrate diet

We can help you if you follow a low carbohydrate diet. In a low carbohydrate diet, you avoid sugary foods and starches. Instead, you eat more proteins, fats and vegetables. This diet helps to lose weight and controls blood sugar levels. However, the downsides of this diet are having low energy levels physically and mentally, and missing essential minerals like iodine, that is mainly obtained from bread (which is not eaten in a low carb diet). With these lacks, seaweed can help you.


Seaweed, and specifically I sea pasta, has a lot of benefits that make it fit into a low carb diet.


To solve the low energy level, we have slow carbs

I sea pasta contains 28.5 grams of carbohydrates per 100g of dried seaweed, which are mainly very long chains of carbohydrates, called polysaccharides. Seaweed fits perfectly in a low carbohydrate diet, for the main reason that it contains carbohydrates that are slowly broken down by your body. This means that they release their energy in small pieces after each other. Therefore, those carbs will keep giving energy for a long period of time after you eat them. That means that you have to eat less calories in that meal, making it fit in a low caloric diet. I sea pasta can be eaten as a pasta, without delivering all the fast carbohydrates that normal pasta does.


-> Slow carbohydrates -> slow energy release -> less calories needed


And besides that, fibres in I sea pasta and I sea bacon ensure that quick sugars that were consumed in the same meal are excreted due to bulk forming in the intestines. This means that water is attracted to form a mass in the intestines, which makes it harder for the sugars to reach cells that have to take up nutrients. So even if you consume I sea pasta together with white pasta, the glucose peaks of that white pasta will be lower. I sea pasta slows down the fast carbs of your meal.


-> Fibres -> water attracted in intestines -> sugars can’t reach uptake cells


To solve the iodine shortage, we have a lot of iodine

Iodine is a very important mineral for our body, because it stimulates hormones that are needed for normal growth, our nerve system and normal metabolism. These days, iodine is only added to bakery bread (25 µg per slice of bread, because bakery salt contains iodine). Therefore, for people following a low carb diet, obtaining enough iodine is hard.  Seaweed is the perfect solution here, as it is a natural source of iodine. Only 1 portion of I sea pasta is already enough to get your daily recommended amount of iodine (150 µg)!


To give you fibres, we have a lot of fibres

Seaweed contains a lot of fibres. 30.5 grams per 100 grams of dried seaweed are fibres, which are carbs that your body cannot break down. Therefore, it doesn’t give you any calories! So, although in fact fibres are a sort of carbohydrates, they will not give energy, but do satiate. Therefore, they fit perfectly in a low carb diet. For all the other benefits of fibres, look at this page.

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