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Low calories


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Low caloric diet

I sea pasta can help you in successfully following a low caloric diet. Such a diet is often followed in order to lose weight. By taking in less calories than your body needs, you will use your body’s stored energy (mostly fat mass) and therefore lose weight.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to eating only a small number of calories. You can feel very tired, get a lack of energy and be hungry all the time. Moreover, you miss a lot of essential vitamins and minerals by cutting down calories. Note: we do not give any nutritional advices, but just want to let you know how I sea pasta can help you if you are on a low caloric diet. Furthermore, being on a low caloric diet for a long time is not healthy and we do not support that.


To solve your lack of energy, seaweed contains slow carbs

Seaweed fits perfectly in a low caloric diet. The main reason for this is that it contains carbohydrates that are broken down slowly by your body (for more information look at this page). This means that they release their energy gradually. Therefore, those carbs will keep giving energy for a long period of time after you eat them. That means that you can eat less calories in a meal, but still get energy for a longer time.


To solve your hungry feeling, seaweed contains fibres

Seaweed contains a lot of fibres, which are carbs that your body cannot break down, and which therefore do not give any calories! It may seem as if they are not useful, but nothing is less true: fibres stimulate your intestines and help your stool by attracting water. Because water is attracted, and because fibres stimulate satiety hormones, you will feel really full after consuming seaweed. So, if you are trying to lose weight by cutting your calories, eat seaweed to fill yourself up with only a few calories!


To solve your vitamin and mineral storage, seaweed is a quick fix

Normally, people on a low caloric diet have to take supplements to get all the required vitamins and minerals. However, mostly you have to take a lot of those supplements to get all minerals. Moreover, it is preferred to get natural minerals instead of those put into a capsule. And we’ve got good news for you: seaweed is a natural source of a lot of different vitamins and minerals.

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