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Your immune system is very important. It keeps you from getting sick and protects you from bad influences from the outside. But your immune system can fail. By example due to a lack of vitamins, bad gut flora and a shortage of minerals. Our products can help you here.


Vitamins fix damage

You can support your immune system by taking vitamin supplements. But it’s more desirable to get these vitamins from food. When an infection occurs, damaging substances called reactive oxygen species are produced by the body to get rid of the infection. This is called an inflammatory reaction. These substances have to be removed by the body. And that’s why we need enough vitamins in our nutrition: they can adapt these molecules so they do not cause damage anymore. Seaweed has a lot of vitamins that will support your immune system.


Moreover, the immune function of the body is determined by your barrier functions on the skin and in the intestines. The latter one is determined by the bacteria in your gut, that have to be healthy to be able to protect you.


Supporting the gut bacteria

As a lot of external threats come into our body via the mouth (via food), our body needs to protect us within the gut, where the food gets into our blood. Therefore, our gut flora is important for protecting our body from external threats, like bacteria or viruses. The fibres in I sea pasta can have a positive influence on our gut flora, and make the good bacteria grow.


Seaweed contains bioactive substances & minerals

The bioactive substances, like carotenoïds, laminaran, agar and carrageen are proven to support the immune system. Evidence shows that those substances are in seaweed. Moreover, there are minerals in seaweed that might support our immune system, like iron, zinc, copper, selenium & manganese.

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