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Healthy heart


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Our heart health is determined by many factors: blood pressure, cholesterol levels and vessel health are some of them. Cardiovascular problems, like strokes and heart attacks are important consequences of a high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels or affected vessel walls. To solve these problems and improve your heart health, I sea pasta has several benefits.


Nutrition has a big influence on all of these factors. Fast carbohydrates, such as plain sugar, can lead to damage on the vessel walls. High cholesterol levels from bad fats can damage the vessel walls and lead to obesity. And a high salt intake can lead to high blood pressure.


We do not damage your vessels

Contrarily to normal pasta, I sea pasta contains mainly very long chains of carbohydrates. We call them polysaccharides. This are carbohydrates that are broken down slowly by your body. This means that they release their energy in small pieces after each other. Therefore, those carbs will keep giving energy for a long period of time after you eat them. Due to the slow carbs, your body will not experience a high peak of carbs at one time. This is really beneficial for your blood glucose levels. Therefore, the product is really beneficial for diabetics! It can replace normal pasta, because that does give a high blood glucose rise.


We slow down the sugar peaks

Fibres in our products ensure that less quick sugars that are consumed in the same meal are excreted. This happens due to bulk forming in the intestines. This means that water is attracted to form a mass in the intestines. This makes it harder for the sugars to reach cells that have to take up nutrients. So even if you consume I sea pasta together with white pasta, the glucose peaks of that white pasta will be lower; I sea pasta slows down the fast carbs of your meal.


-> fibres -> water attracted in the intestines -> sugars can’t be taken up


Finally, fibres are broken down partly in the intestines, which leads to the production of substances that promote insulin release. And insulin will make sure your blood glucose peak is not too high.


We decrease bad cholesterol

The fibres in I sea pasta and I sea bacon will bind to bad cholesterol in your intestines that is taken in during the same meal or a few hours before and make sure they are excreted instead of taken up. Moreover, the fibres are broken down partly in the intestines. This leads to the production of substances that block the synthesis of cholesterol by your body. So together, the fibres in I sea pasta and I sea bacon will decrease the bad cholesterol in your blood.


We contain good fats, no bad fats

Contrarily to normal pasta, I sea pasta contains a lot of good fats, which are the unsaturated fats. Partly, these are omega-3 fatty acids, that are very important for our body, because they lower the blood pressure. And more importantly, they ‘remove’ the bad cholesterol and deliver good cholesterol. Therefore, they can prevent against cardiovascular diseases and improve your cholesterol levels. Normally, omega 3 fats are obtained mainly from fatty fish and oils. So, for vegetarians and vegans, I sea bacon is perfect to supplement your diet if you don’t eat fish and still want some omega 3!


Saturated fats are the fats that get ‘stuck’ in your blood vessels and are very dangerous for us. I sea bacon contains almost only unsaturated fats (only 0,3g of saturated per 100g), where normal bacon contains 14 grams of saturated fats per 100g!

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