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I sea pasta and I sea bacon are very helpful for your gut health. They contain a lot of fibres and prebiotics, and don’t have any FODMAPs at all. Do you want to know why this is good for your gut health? Check out this article and learn why!


Intestinal problems are very common. 20% of the population suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. These people regularly feel bloated, have cramps and/or problems with their stool. Almost 50% of the people are not aware of this! So, there is a good chance that while reading this, you are also suffering from IBS! With IBS, part of the solution to your problem is eating fibres and eating FODMAP free. However, it is not always easy to eat a lot of fibres and to eat FODMAP free. I sea pasta can make this easier for you!



Seaweed contains a lot of fibres, which are carbs that your body cannot break down. Therefore, they don’t give you any calories! It may seem as if they are not useful, but that’s not true. Fibres stimulate your intestines and help your stool by attracting water and improving motility of the intestines. Because water is attracted, and because fibres stimulate satiety hormones, you will feel really full after consuming seaweed. So if you are trying to lose weight by cutting on your calories, eat seaweed to fill yourself up with only a few calories, which can be handy if you are on a low caloric diet.



Some of the fibres in seaweed are considered a prebiotic. Prebiotics are fibres that stimulate good bacteria in the intestines when they are fermented. Those good bacteria are very important for your stool, for getting energy out of nutrients and for the improvement of the immune system.



FODMAPs are specific nutrients that have to be avoided when you have sensitive intestines, because they cause gas formation. I sea pasta and I sea bacon don’t contain any FODMAPs, which means that they are a perfect replacement for other FODMAP rich products, such as normal pasta and normal bacon!

I sea pasta
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