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If you eat gluten free, I sea pasta and I sea bacon are great products for you. You can use I sea pasta as a gluten free substitute for normal pasta. And also I sea bacon does not contain any gluten at all!

More and more people are gluten intolerant these days. Another group of people tries to avoid gluten in their diet for other reasons. Therefore, these people don’t eat any products made from wheat, barley and rye, like bread or pasta. Moreover, it is important that no products they eat have touched anything contaminated with gluten during production or processing.

But there is also another problem that affects people who don’t eat gluten. A shortage of iodine is very common among people with a gluten free diet. I sea pasta is a perfect solution for this.


I sea pasta is a pasta without gluten

If you eat gluten free, it is hard to find alternatives to pasta that are completely safe to eat. Therefore, I sea pasta is the perfect replacement for pasta in dishes!


I sea pasta and I sea bacon are not processed

I sea pasta and I sea bacon are seaweeds that come directly out of the sea and are only dried before putting it into the package. They cannot be contaminated with gluten and are completely gluten free!


We have a lot of iodine

Iodine is a very important mineral for our body, because it stimulates hormones that are needed for normal growth, our nerve system and normal metabolism. These days, iodine is only added to bakery bread (because bakery salt contains iodine). Therefore, for people with a low carb diet, obtaining enough iodine is hard. Seaweed is the perfect solution here, as it is a natural source of iodine. Only 1 portion of I sea pasta is enough to get your daily recommended amount of iodine (150 µg)!

I sea pasta
I sea bacon
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