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I sea pasta

I sea bacon

Are you glucose or lactose intolerant? Or don’t you just want to consume these or any other additives? Then, I sea bacon and I sea pasta will come in very handy for you.


Many foods are processed these days, which results in a lot of substances in our food that we don’t want. Natural foods are free from all these additives or side nutrients.


Free from

I sea pasta and I sea bacon are free from glucose, lactose and any additives.



Our products are unprocessed. This means that they come directly out of the sea. They’re only dried to keep them fresh for a very long time!


No e-numbers added

Contrary to normal pasta and normal bacon, I sea pasta and I sea bacon contain no added e-numbers. Why not? Because it is 100% seaweed!

I sea pasta
I sea bacon
Health benefits

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