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I sea pasta

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I sea pasta and I sea bacon keep your energy and vitality on a constant level. Fibres stimulate your gut flora, and the slow carbs and fibres prevent you from getting a dip. Moreover, you will get a lot of energy from the magnesium and iron that our products contain.


Are you often suffering from low energy levels? That is mostly due to quick sugars and quick carbs. They give a high sugar peak and quickly after consuming you will have a dip. Moreover, the energy level we have is determined by the process of digesting and absorption and the condition of our gut flora. Our gut flora is important for acquiring energy from nutrients by affecting the health of our cells in the intestine. Finally, essential minerals like iron, magnesium and vitamin B12 affect our energy levels.


Fibres stimulating our gut flora

The fibres in I sea pasta can have a positive influence on our gut flora. They also make the good bacteria grow. Therefore, we can get more energy out of our nutrition.


Slow carbs and fibres preventing the dip

Seaweed will prevent you from this dip. The main reason for that is that it contains  slow carbohydrates. This means that they release their energy gradually. These carbs will keep giving energy for a long period of time after you eat them.


-> Slow carbohydrates -> slow energy release -> long energy


Moreover, the fibres in seaweed will ‘slow down’ the quick sugars consumed at the same time. The fibres in seaweed attract water to form a mass in the intestines. This makes it harder for the sugars to reach cells that have to take up nutrients. It will lower the glucose peaks after a meal, which prevents you from a dip.


-> Fibres -> water attracted in intestines -> sugars can’t reach uptake cells


Energy from magnesium and iron

Having a shortage of ironmagnesium, or vitamin B12 can lead to tiredness. A portion of I sea pasta contains your daily amount of magnesium and more than twice the amount of iron as spinach does. And a portion of I sea bacon contains more than your daily amount of magnesium and contains vitamin B12 as well!

I sea pasta
I sea bacon
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