The Challenge

We are looking for Fearless Chefs. Home cooks that love to try new things. And in this case: daring enough to make their Christmas Dinner with I sea pasta, the seaweed that has disguised itself as tagliatelle. If you send in your entry you can be selected to the Top 10 Fearless Chefs. If you are, we equip you with everything to create a once-in-a-lifetime Xmas dinner and you automatically compete for the Fearless Chef Award. Read on!


What you do…

You click on the fearless button below and tell us for whom you will be cooking an I sea Christmas dinner (family, friends) and what recipe (does not have to be detailed yet, just the core idea)  you propose to make. We select the 10 most inspiring entries. These 10 Fearless Chefs will get all the goods and help that they need to be successful. And then you share your Fearless I sea Christmas adventure with us. How to win the Fearless Chef Award? See below!


What we do…

We will send the 10 chosen Fearless Chefs a package with I sea pasta and a tray of various cresses from Koppert Cress, the world’s leading cress designer and producer. These are the core ingredients for your Xmas meal.


You get a hotline with Carina, Seamore’s inhouse chef. To help with your recipe and preparations, so that you will have a most wonderful Xmas.

The Fearless Chef Award


Eternal Fame & The Admiration of the World


A cooking workshop at Koppert Cress, world-leading Architect Aromatique. Executed behind the world’s most exclusive cooking instrument, the Molteni Podium IV (only 3 in the world).



The Criteria


A great recipe. Showing skill and imagination, you create a magnificent masterpiece that captures the unique qualities of I sea pasta, tastes great, looks fantastic and makes everyone happy.

A wonderful setting. Capture the atmosphere – and your family & friends – with a glorious photograph and/or little video. Extra points for classy or funky outfits and spectacular combinations of seaweed and reindeers.

Dare to Share. Show off! Share your Christmas recipe, photo or video with the rest of the world. Extra points for mentioning our wonderful I sea pasta & Koppert’s fantastic cress ; )