Seamore Seeks Marketing Intern


Seamore might just be Europe’s hottest (or coolest) food startup. Our small company has managed to do what no one has done before: to get (normal) people to eat seaweed. As pasta! To get people to that point and become the talk of the town we must be telling a story* that captures the imagination. To keep this up and conquer the rest of the world we’re looking for the best marketing talent to join us for an internship.


*it could also be that I sea pasta is simply fantastic food.

  • Stay talk of the town, reach new audiences (Netherlands)
  • Become talk of the town (Germany, UK, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Belgium etc.)
  • Co-manage the Australian crowdfunding campaign
  • Support Willem in his marketing activities and act as project manager on various other marketing activities
  • You have an understanding of and experience with (social) marketing, PR & communicationgamification-badges
  • You can create compelling content (tweets, posts, blogs, images, videos)
  • A self starter and independent worker who knows when to ask questions
  • Very good in Dutch and English, bonus for other languages
  • You love food and cooking…
  • Start in January/February, be available for 4 days a week
  • Live in or near Amsterdam
  • Normal internship compensation + all the I sea pasta you can eat
  • Minimum of 4 months available
  • A place where you can help create marketing history vs. read about it
  • Work closely with Seamore’s Founder Willem, international word of mouth and social marketing guru
  • A cool Amsterdam office with a small and highly moticated team of seaweirdo’s
  • The company that was officially crowned most innovative food start-up of 2015!
  • Months of hands-on experience that will make your CV a job-magnet

On Monday you’re in a meeting with Seamore’s founder and the PR agency to discuss how to get people that don’t know about I sea pasta (shame on them!) to pick up a pack at the 200+ supermarkets that I sea pasta will launch in. You agree to interview 10 loyal fans of our seaweed pasta in order to create small stories to be used across various media. In the office you immediately start scanning for good candidates.

On Tuesday you dedicate the morning to creating a project plan for a new initiative: Pastaholics. Seamore will follow the lives of 5 people who are (still) addicted to normal pasta but are anxious to shed some carbs. You love the concept but know that the devil is in the detail. So get cracking: who, what, how! In the afternoon you present to the Team. And yes, there is quite some feedback. But it’s overwhelmingly constructive and you only gain by pain. Or so they tell you ; )

Wednesday is Australia day. We’re about to launch a crowdfunding campaign down under and there’s tons of things to do. Get food bloggers committed, help create a press release, finetune the rewards that people can buy during the campaign and come up with 10 new ways to create social ‘buzz’ in the first week. At the end of the day you have a skype with Seamore’s Australian distributor who’s deeply involved on the ground there.

The next day you join the commercial director Waldo at a food event. One part is basic but crucial to Seamore’s marketing” let hundreds of people try the goods and tell them the stories behind the product. But you also have a more strategic mission: help design a format for events to be used at food events around the world: codename Seamore Babes. Despite the name you will make sure it will be more about experiencing food than experiencing the babes.

Friday  – as everyday – starts with the team huddle. In 10 minutes everyone shares a daily victory, a key activity of the day and possible hurdles. Yours is coaching: you’re drowning in 2 of your projects and need some help in prioritizing. Willem sits down with you after the huddle to help with the first shift. At the end of the day the whole team gathers to try out the new I sea chips (new project) and chips call for a small drink. Which gets the weekend started ; )

Note: Seamore cannot be held liable if real life experiences deviate from the picture painted above.

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