How to prepare I sea pasta

The basics of I sea pasta

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Prepare the perfect I sea pasta

How do you prepare I sea pasta? There are four ways to do it: soak in hot water, soak in cold water, simmer, or cook it like pasta. Watch the video how to do this.

To sum up: There are three ways…

Soak for 25 minutes in hot water


A little bit more bite, less ocean breeze and a bit more taste. If you refresh the water and soak again the taste becomes more neutral. If you want to soak but make it more tender, add the I sea pasta to your sauce and let it simmer for a bit.

Prepare I sea pasta: in hot water

Or cook 15-20 minutes like pasta


Cook for 15-20 minutes like pasta. More tender and more seabreeze!

Or for raw: soak in cold water for 45+ minutes


Food for cooking raw, like when you use it in salads or more like vegetable and like more bite.

Prepare I sea pasta: in cold water
Prepare I sea pasta: simmer in sauce

Or add it dried to your sauce & let simmer


If you have a recipe with lots of fluid (tomato sauce, curry, soup) you can add I sea pasta dried to the pan and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Now it absorbs the flavor from the sauce and you don’t have to add any salt because it comes with the dried I sea pasta.

That is it.

Yes, it is that easy! Do you need some inspiration for a dish? Go to our inspire page to see what other people have created.

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