How to prepare I sea bacon

The basics of I sea bacon

I sea bacon

Prepare the perfect I sea bacon

How do you prepare I sea bacon? There are four ways: fry, stir, soak or munch. Watch the video to learn more about how to fry I sea bacon.

There are four ways…

Fry leaves crunchy in plenty of hot oil for 20-40 seconds per side (don’t let it burn)…

i sea risotto recipe

Or stir the leaves through a warm dish 
or sauce…

Or soak leaves for 30 seconds and boost a salad…

I sea salad
I sea bacon - straight from the pack

Or munch from the pack like beef jerky…

That is it.

Yes, it is that easy! Do you need some inspiration for a dish? Go to our inspire page to see what other people have created.

I sea bacon package

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