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Why we seamore

I sea burger

Upgrade your Favorite Food

A funny culinary discovery on Ibiza has given us the inspiration to go on a mission. Upgrade your Favourite Food. People resist change. If you want to convince them to choose food that is better for them and the planet, it can never be less tasty, much more expensive or difficult to prepare. When we found a seaweed that had disguised itself as tagliatelle we realized how we could improve the world: use seaweed to make our favourite foods better, to upgrade them. Starting with pasta!


The world of food is in trouble. We’re running out of land to grow our food while we mistreat the land that we do have. The food that we get from it is not always what we would like it to be. Seaweeds appear to have the cards stacked in their favor: you don’t need land, fresh water, fertilizer nor pesticides. It grows like crazy on the sun and nutrients in the sea and can do great things for your body and recipes.

Seaweed under water

How can you help?

We love to hear from you and get your opinions, suggestions and ideas. Give us feedback via [email protected], Whatsapp-channel or our social media channels.

What’s next?

Which favourite food would you like to see upgraded next? You have a voice as we will be following our community closely to make decisions on our product portfolio. Stick around and decide what you want to sea next…